BoLiChi is a pioneering health science startup devoted to transforming the healthcare devices industry. We handpick societal difficulties that society faces and create solutions for them utilizing creativity and cutting-edge technology. Our intensive research ensures that our products and technologies meet the highest standards, therefore improving medical treatment.

Our Mission

At Bolichi, our mission is clear: we aim to be at the forefront of technology-driven solutions that address pressing people's health challenges. We firmly believe that technology has the potential to transform lives and empower communities, and it is our passion to develop, refine, and transfer these advancements to create a lasting impact.

Our Vision

We envision a future where technology becomes a driving force for positive change, equality, and inclusivity. Bolichi aspires to be a catalyst in achieving this vision, leading the way toward a more sustainable, equitable, prosperous, and healthy society.

What We Do

  1. Research and Development: Our team of dedicated scientists, experts, and visionaries continually explore new avenues for innovation. We invest in extensive research to uncover novel solutions to address complex health issues and improve various aspects of human health.

  2. Technology Transfer: We are not only creators but facilitators of change. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, we work closely with industries and organizations to transfer our cutting-edge technologies, making them accessible to those most benefit.

  3. Industry Solutions: We understand the ever-evolving needs of businesses and industries. Bolichi offers tailored solutions that help organizations optimize processes, enhance efficiency, and stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

  4. Technical Advisory & Consultation for Creative Media: Our technical advisory for creative media is your personalized pathway through the intersection of technology and art. Our experts align your creative vision with the right tools, software, and workflow strategies. This service empowers your creative journey with the essential expertise to turn concepts into captivating realities.

black circuit board
black circuit board


Needle Point Monopolar Ionization Technology (NPMI)

Our technology demonstrates exceptional efficacy against various pathogens, including mold, viruses, and bacteria. Through the NPMI system, negative ions are generated and released, which actively interact with airborne pathogens like the SARS COVID virus and its variants. When these ions come into contact with the surface proteins of the pathogens, they effectively deactivate and render them inactive.

We seamlessly integrated this technology into a compact form factor, suitable for effortless installation within any HVAC duct. As a result, efficiency is significantly enhanced on a larger scale, eliminating the need for bulky setups.


What are negative ions?

Negative ions are molecules that have an additional electron, resulting in a negative electrical charge. These ions are naturally present in environments such as forests and waterfalls. Research indicates that they can have a positive impact on our well-being by enhancing our mood and reducing stress levels.

How are negative ions beneficial?

  • Personal use: Some use portable negative ion generators for cleaner indoor air. These devices are small and can be plugged in or battery-powered.

  • Healthcare facilities: Negative ion generators are used in healthcare to reduce airborne pathogens and keep patient areas clean. They can be used with other air purification methods. It also protects people from nosocomial infections.

  • Food preservation: Negative ion generators in food storage facilities reduce airborne pollutants and odors, extending the shelf life of the perishables.

  • Hospitality industry: Negative ion generators are used in hotels and restaurants to improve indoor air quality for guests. They're used in common areas, guest rooms, and dining areas to enhance the guest experience.

  • Automotive industry: Installing negative ion generators in vehicles can improve air quality, reduce odors, and remove pollutants from the cabin.

  • Industrial settings: Negative ion generators improve air quality in industrial settings and create a healthier workplace for employees.

Organic Purified Air

We have developed a product range :- "NEUTRALIZED ORGANIC AIR ARC-(NOA ARC)"
NOA ARC products are powered by 'WOLF AIRMASK'

Our Patented technology of Needle Point Monopolar Ionization is a unique technique is which one of a kind in the world. it


For the power users, better coverage, greater efficiency, and faster results. Our tried and true device is for those who appreciate some proven reliability. NOA ARC X is meant is capable of covering up to 1000sqft closed area.

  • Active live protection

  • Easy maintenance

  • Longer lifespan

  • Wide area coverage

Our Products

A compact device that incorporates the same cutting-edge technology but in a significantly smaller form factor. This device is designed for seamless installation inside HVAC ducts, expanding its reach and effectiveness while maintaining the highest quality standards This model is specific to HVAC, as your centralized air unit shouldn’t become a superhighway for pathogens.

  • Easy maintenance

  • Longer lifespan

The Arc X lite is the perfect choice for compact users who are looking for quick coverage, greater efficiency, and faster results. With its powerful capabilities, this device can cover up to 500 sqft of closed area. Whether you need to cover a room or a small office space, the Arc X lite will get the job done in no time. Its compact size allows for easy maneuverability and its advanced technology ensures even and consistent coverage.

  • Easy maintenance

  • Longer lifespan

  • Portable size

The Arc X Nano is the perfect choice for compact users who are looking for quick coverage, greater efficiency, and faster results. With its powerful capabilities, this device can cover up to 250 sqft of closed area. Whether you need to paint a small room or a small office space, the Arc X Nano will get the job done in no time. Its compact tabletop size allows for easy maneuverability and its advanced technology ensures even and consistent coverage.

  • Easy maintenance

  • Best for personal use

  • Longer lifespan

  • Portable size

A concept modular NPMI system that is field assembled to any length up to 240 inches in 6 inch increments. This module can be mounted in various environments. It can treat 50-250 CFM per inch of bar, depending on the application.

A concept lightweight NPMI system that handles up to 4,800 CFM or 12 Tons. Designed for multiple mounting options including fan inlet, interior duct walls, or floors.

Powered by Patented Wolf Air Mask Technology


Boniface Gasper

Meet Boniface Gasper, a dedicated Master of Social Work (MSW) with a passion for using technology to address social issues. With experience in Medical and Psychiatric Social Work, he strives to enhance the well-being of individuals and communities. As the former research head at Magics NGO and Chief Scientific Officer at All about Innovation, Boniface focuses on technology-driven solutions for social problems. Notably, he has innovated an NPMI technology, a Negative Air Ionizer that improves air quality for healthier environments. His commitment to blending social work and technology drives positive change.

The Team

Linshad Latheef

Linshad Latheef is an Electronics Engineer with a specialization in biomedical engineering. He has worked at Siemens, where he played a vital role as a biomedical engineer. Linshad's notable innovation includes the Wolf air mask, a Negative Air Ionizer designed to improve air quality and promote healthier environments. His expertise in electronics engineering and biomedical applications has allowed him to contribute to the development of advanced medical devices and systems.



Chintu Karthikeyan

Chintu Karthik, is a graduate in Polymer Chemistry and holds Masters degree in Business administration with specialisation in Marketing & Corporate Strategy. Raised in the United Arab Emirates, he has a very versatile portfolio. He has over 15 years of experiance in Logistics and aviation. He was the director of aviation for the Ras Al Khaimah International Airport in UAE. He also has about 11 years experiance in the Media Industry. He owns and operates Carthix Ventures which is a content managment company trading is content for cinema and digital platforms. He is also one of the directors CIG which is trading and distribution firm.

Our Ongoing Research

A revolutionary Surgical Guardian: a game-changing, feather-light helmet that operates in utter silence, devoid of any vibrations. Prepare for an unprecedented encounter with improved airflow, redefining comfort for surgeons. This innovation enables a profound level of procedure engagement, propelling surgical expertise to new heights. Surpassing expectations, the helmet weighs less than 300gm, ensuring minimal burden on the wearer. Embrace the future of surgery with the Surgical Guardian, where tranquility meets unparalleled performance, shaping a new era of medical precision.


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